Talking about Live Online Video

  Here, I will talk about the current and future situation of Live Onlive Video in China.

The present Live Platform

  Nowadays, Live Streaming Platforms are more and more popular among people. As far as I am concerned, I have known some Platforms, such as Douyu TV, Huya, Panda TV, IQIYI, etc. Emmm…, Panda TV has been closed in 30 March 2019.

Why people like watching Live Video?

  In fact, there are many reason to explain this question. Live video streaming has the feature of real-time interaction. It could bring people happiness, become entertaining and ornamental value. Therefore, live streaming platforms reached widely engagement of fans. In addition, it has many advantages, including high interactivity, strong sense of involvement and satisfaction of snooping on privacy and novelty seeking. Meanwhile, people could send words and give virtual gifts by virtue of text-based chatrooms.

I like

  As an ordinary user, I am willing to choose Douyu TV! among those live streaming platforms. In fact, I have already watched Douyu three years. I like watching Douyu TV because there are many great live videos. The main video shows include cate, games, appearance, ACG, outdoors, etc. Of which, outdoots are my favorite partition. Oh, I recommend a direct broadcasting room(DBR), the ID is 485503.

  Yes! I very like watching this live video. This DBR mainly shows outdoor activities including Wilderness Survival, Walking China, and Poverty Relief, etc. Especially, the protagonist composes of two members, named Tu Zhu and Huang Zhang. The combination also called ‘339 outdoor’, now they become big anchor because of their endeavor. Since 2016, they always make efforts for doing good shows, from ordinary people to big anchor. They have 2.27 million fans until now, doing more and more interesting shows for giving user happy.

I hope

Being a happy person, do your best! Listening the below music again~

[00:09.17]乱了方向 你没了主张
[00:24.87]深藏了痛 你掩饰了伤
[00:54.74]让我们一起闯荡 不管前路何方
[01:02.81]兄弟在你左右 一直陪着你走
[01:10.99]让我们一起闯荡 什么大风大浪
[01:18.96]如果多年以后 你已功成名就
[01:31.22]深藏了痛 你掩饰了伤
[02:00.54]让我们一起闯荡 不管前路何方
[02:09.06]兄弟在你左右 一直陪着你走
[02:16.65]让我们一起闯荡 什么大风大浪
[02:24.37]如果多年以后 你已功成名就
[02:53.89]让我们一起闯荡 不管前路何方
[03:00.96]兄弟在你左右 一直陪着你走
[03:09.08]让我们一起闯荡 什么大风大浪
[03:16.60]如果多年以后 你已功成名就


Understanding the impact of social distance on users’ broadcasting intention on live streaming platforms: A lens of the challengehindrance stress perspective